Christmas Catalogue

All the pieces can be heard by scrolling through the list and clicking on the titles in the audio player below.

The orchestrations will give an idea of what is possible, but fewer, more or different instruments and parts can be accommodated including very basic parts to enable beginners to be included or more difficult parts for advanced players. Many of the orchestrations include a piano part, the difficulty of which can again be altered to suit or the orchestration can be revised to omit the inclusion of a piano.

If there are instrumental parts that you like the sound of but don’t have the players in your orchestra, for example double bass, oboe or glockenspiel, I have found that using a portable electronic keyboard with a small amplifier, if necessary, works really well and means that you can involve other piano/keyboard players in an orchestral situation.

Click on the score samples, below, while the music is playing...

Christmas Medley 1
Christmas Medley 2
Christmas Medley 1 for String Orchestra
Christmas Day Ships!